About Company

RehabGloves was founded in 2020, and is committed from its foundation to offer most important thing for its Clients : Health, and participate to Happiness.

The company is committed to connect California the US, to the world. This is why REHABGLOVES has Branches in Hong Kong, and The Mediterranean Sea Border / Middle East. We’re a bridge between California, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. This is thx to the company Global Network.

REHABGLOVES has a large portfolio of small/mid and large clients, that operate in our segments :Rehabilitation Gloves ,These are some of the products we design, and produce along with our Global branches and partnerships :

Rehabilitation Robotic Gloves SIFREHAB-1.0  , Robotic Rehabilitation Gloves: SIFROBOT-1.1,Rehabilitation Robotic Gloves SIFREHAB-1.2,Rehab Robotic Gloves: SIFREHAB-1.3

Intelligent Rehabilitation Bike: SIFREHABIKE-1.0,Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Bike: SIFREHABIKE-1.1 , Physiotherapy Exercise Bike: SIFREHABIKE-1.3,Arm and leg Exercise Bike: SIFREHABIKE-1.4

We’re open to any collaboration as far as OEM and ODM to let our valuable clients put their brand on our high end products.

Our staff all over the world speaks several languages among them :
English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, Cantonese.
Our final goal is Customer happiness and Health for the end consumer that is using our products. We’re always looking for long term healthy relationship. Please join.

REHABGLOVES – Healthcare | Owned by SIFSOF LLC. California